Intelligent Forecasting

Less than one in ten megaprojects are delivered on time and on budget, and full realisation of all project outcomes is rare.

The reasons behind such failure rates are themselves often complex, but analysts repeatedly stress the importance of forecasting.

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A large-scale infrastructure programme can involve 1000s of people from 100s of organisations; teams may make short-lived contributions to very specific aspects, resulting in a constant churn of people, systems and information.

However, one thing that remains consistent over the megaproject lifecycle is the creation and accumulation of data - complex programmes are data-producing machines. This data needs to be constantly collated, connected, integrated and analysed.

As programmes evolve, managers need to be able to tap into this data, understand past decisions, test the assumptions made, and then work with the latest data to provide a reliable foundation to assess future risks. Intelligent forecasting builds on historic and real-time data, identifying the information and processes critical to whether programmes succeed or fail.

The Oakland Groups Intelligent forecasting Platform builds on historic and real-time data helping organisations to extract the full value in their data overcoming ‘siloed’ reporting, individuals and departments with different agendas, and inconsistent use of data. This opens up the opportunity to use more advanced machine learning and predictive techniques which can start to predict risk up to 9 months in advance. Data quality is improved, and reporting and forecasting is no longer reliant on disconnected Excel and PowerPoint — managers can drill down to the sources of their programme data helping organisations to deliver their programmes of work with greater confidence and reliability. Our Intelligent Forecasting guide takes you through what intelligent forecasting is, why you might need it and how it works.

Benefits of Intelligent Forecasting

  • Actionable insights, improved ‘in year’ forecasting.
  • Better targeted assurance activities.
  • Improved process compliance.


Why Oakland

The Oakland Group is a data consultancy with 35 years of operational improvement experience helping the UK’s largest organisations solve real-world, difficult problems. We do this by specialising in 4 areas.
  • Data strategy & governance
  • Bespoke data platforms, engineering & cloud
  • Artificial intelligence & advanced analytics
  • Quality & operational improvement
We’re a small and agile team with all of the experience of a larger consultancy we work as part of our clients team delivering on time and on budget.

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The Oakland Group are proud to have been removing obstacles in business for over 35 years. Find out how we can help you better understand and protect your data. Contact our dedicated team today

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Since embarking on this data journey some actionable insights have been delivered; improved ‘in Year’ forecasting, targeted assurance activity (where employees have used periodic data and data from the POC to provide assurance across a wider range of areas), process compliance and improved data quality working and unlocking reporting with advanced analytics.

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