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We’re a data driven consultancy that helps organisations solve complex problems.

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We do this by bringing together 3 things:

  1. Our (35+) years of hard-won experience in operational excellence and really understanding how business processes work
  2. Knowing how to make governance pragmatic and effective in the real-world combined with
  3. Our full-stack data capabilities to help businesses:
    1. Make better use of their data
    2. Better exploit their data
    3. Reduce data-related risks
Operation Improvement

When things get tough organisations need to ensure that high levels of quality, delivery and customer satisfaction are not lost in the objective of reducing costs. Whether you need to spend more wisely, cut costs or identify precisely where and why you are overspending. We can help you drive savings while improving quality and efficiency using proven Lean and Six Sigma principles.

Data and Analytics

We build custom solutions that make a real difference working with a wide range of technologies to develop solutions that fit with your current technology stack and integrate with your business. We use artificial intelligent and machine learning but we also recognise it's not the answer to everything. Your business needs the full range of descriptive analytics, self-serve and advanced tools along with the ability to do the data engineering required to access, organised, transform and present your data.

Data Engineering & Cloud

Technology agnostic we work with all the major cloud providers and can recommend the best solution for your business needs. Whether you are combining cloud computing technology or looking to migrate your data from on-prem to the cloud our team of business analysts, data engineers and data scientists are highly experienced in developing hybrid and multi cloud strategies and can share the latest thinking on security, governance and compliance in this fast paced constantly evolving business environment.

Data Strategy & Governance

Having a considered data strategy and robust governance is essential in business today. Many businesses have spent years integrating their governance and data management systems to ensure that the business delivers what the board demands. Data makes modern governance possible, communicating intent, being integral to business processes and an essential part of board reporting. It's more than GDPR or the latest software tool; it's the most critical enabler in business.

Why choose us

For 35 years, we have been working as an essential part of our client's teams in some of the UK's biggest organisations. Big enough to deliver the same levels of professionalism and expertise as the 'big 4' but small enough that every client gets our A-Team, not a pitch team.

By combining our years of hard-won operational experience with the incredible possibilities offered by advanced analytics, we bring leading-edge thinking to uncover valuable insights from data, solving real-world, challenging problems and driving cultural change.

Trusted by our clients, realising millions of pounds of ongoing opportunity we're in it for the long haul and work with many of our clients time and time again – demonstrating our value.

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The Oakland Group are proud to have been removing obstacles in business for over 35 years. Find out how we can help you better understand and protect your data. Contact our dedicated team today

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This was the most positive experience of working with management consultants I have ever had, You were always flexible in meeting our requirements and developed really effective solutions by working with us in close collaboration.

Carole Harder, NHS, Darlington

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